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TC-32 congratulates Associate Professor Gourab Sen Gupta on his recent appointment as the I&M Society AdCom Member for 2018-2021. In addition to that, he was also recently appointed as the:

(1) Primary representative of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society to the IEEE Sensors Council for 2017; 

(2) Member of the IEEE Joseph F. Keithley Award in I&M Committee; and

(3) Continues to serve as a member of the 2017 Sensor Application Symposium (SAS) Steering Committee.



Heartiest congratulations also to Professor Serge N. Demidenko for receiving the 2017 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Distinguished Service Award "for the outstanding enduring contributions to the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society, the IEEE at large and the Profession."

The I&M Society Distinguished Service Award is presented each year to an individual who has given outstanding service to the Society and to the profession.

Professor Serge Demidenko has also been recently appointed into the  IEEE Fellow Committee 2017 and IEEE Conferences Committee 2017-2018.


TC-32 also congratulates Mr Arvind Rajan for receiving the 2017 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society Graduate Fellowship Award.

The Fellowship was awarded for his research proposal entitled "Analytic Moment-based Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation for Reliability Analysis of Complex Engineering Systems"

The project will be co-investigated by three other TC-32 members: Associate Professor Melanie P.-L. Ooi, Associate Professor Ye Chow Kuang and Professor Serge N. Demidenko


Free Online tools sponsored by TC-32:

  1. Moment-constrained Maximum Entropy Algorithm (NEW!)

  2. Moment Calculator

  3. Benchmark Test Distributions for Expanded Uncertainty Evaluation

  4. Mathematical Toolbox for Analytical Standard Uncertainty Evaluation


The goals of this Technical Committee are to promote the research activities to cover all aspects of theory and practice of fundamentals:
- reliable computing for instrumentation and measurement;
- reliable architecture for instrumentation;
- reliable computing for instrumentation and distributed sensors in harsh environment.
TC-32 membership is free and open to everyone who is interested in providing reliable computing for Instrumentation and Measurement. We have members from a number of countries such as United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Malaysia.
Our activities include promoting instrumentation and measurement fault tolerant technology via publications, presentations, conference organisation, seminars, developing IEEE standards, and providing educational courses for students and engineering specialists.
We are looking for members from the industry as well as academia who are are interested in participating in our activities.
To join or contact TC-32, please write to Melanie Ooi: