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Mellin Transform-based Moment Calculator for Multivariate Polynomials

The Mellin Transform-based Moment (MTM) Calculator was designed to analytically calculate up to the fourth order moment of any multivariate polynomial function. This MTM Calculator is powered by Mathematica which is deployed using webMathematica.The framework for the MTMC has been published in Measurement, a journal by International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) and IEEE Access, an open access journal.

Use the Moment Calculator

The best citations for using MTM Calculator are:

  1. Y. C. Kuang, A. Rajan, M. P.-L. Ooi, and T. C. Ong, "Standard uncertainty evaluation of multivariate polynomial," Measurement, vol. 58, pp. 483-494, Dec. 2014
  2. A. Rajan, M. P. Ooi, Y. C. Kuang, and S. N. Demidenko, "Analytical Standard Uncertainty Evaluation Using Mellin Transform," IEEE Access, vol. 3, pp. 209-222, 2015