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Collaborative Engineering Program in Electronic Testing, Instrumentation and Measurement


The continuing shortage of qualified engineers in the test, failure analysis, instrumentation and measurement areas in the electronic industry and associated R&D organizations makes it hard to verify and improve the quality and functionality of the fabricated integrated circuits as well as in refining the manufacturing process so to reach a required high yield. Addressing the need, an integrated specialist education program in the Electronic Test Technology was developed and implemented by a team of university academics in cooperation and with support from management and engineering specialists of several leading electronic companies. This project has developed contents of the teaching and training components, and also outlines the designed laboratory systems. 


  1. Moi-Tin Chew
  2. Ye Chow Kuang
  3. Melanie Po-Leen Ooi
  4. Serge N. Demidenko


Electronic Testing; Semiconductor Manufacturing; Engineering Education; Course Development; Test Equipment



  1. S. Demidenko, M. P.-L. Ooi, M. T. Chew, Y. C. Kuang, and A. Rajan, "Addressing Emerging Needs of Hi-Tech Industry: Collaborative Engineering Program in Electronic Testing, Instrumentation and Measurement," submitted for publication.